Title: 너와 나의 드로리안
Artist: Deli Spice
Played: 39 times


DELI SPICE (델리스파이스) - 너와 나의 드로리안

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Title: Let It Go (Korean Ver.)
Artist: Hyorin of SISTAR
Played: 140 times


HYORIN (효린) of SISTAR - Let It Go (Korean Ver.) 

Artist: Urban Zakapa
Played: 2923 times


URBAN ZAKAPA (어반 자카파) - Dream (꿈) 

Title: Click Me (Feat. Dok2) (2011 Version)
Artist: Zion.T (자이언티)
Played: 21729 times


Artist: Zion.T (자이언티)
Song: Click Me (Feat. Dok2) (2011 Version)
Album: Single “Click Me”

For some reason, I never imagined Zion.T and Dok2 collaborating together. Maybe it’s the large contrast in their styles but I think that’s what makes them an even better pair! Zion.T’s rhythm and feeling in this song are mind-blowing and it’s nice to hear the more laid-back side of Dok2.

Title: City Night (도시의 밤)
Artist: Soulights (소울라이츠)
Played: 2851 times


Artist: Soulights (소울라이츠)
Song: City Night (도시의 밤)
Album: Seoulites EP

Soulights is an urban soul indie group with four members. They’ve gone through a few member changes as some left and others were recruited, but that did not disrupt their music production. They have a fresh jazzy soul sound that makes you feel very warm and comfortable. Here’s the piano version of “City Night”!

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Title: Pacific Track Preview
Artist: Glen Check
Played: 340 times


Glen Check Pacific Track Preview [Source]

Album Release November 19th

[Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

Credit to Mintpaper 

Title: 널 불러보는 말 (With 김종완 of NELL)
Artist: Park So Yu
Played: 3417 times



Park So Yu (박소유) - ‘널 불러보는 말’ (With 김종완 of NELL)

Title: 감사감사
Artist: Verbal Jint feat. Yeon Jin of Linus' Blanket
Played: 4201 times


VERBAL JINT (버벌진트) feat. YEON JIN (연진) of LINUS’ BLANKET - Thank You (감사감사)


History of Nell

Title: 높은 마음
Artist: 9 And The Numbers
Played: 2481 times


9 AND THE NUMBERS (9와 숫자들) -  Elevated Heart (높은 마음)